MRR is everyone's problem.
And every penny has a story behind it.

What’s your RevenueStory?

Your subscription metrics tell stories. Do you have the power
to read them?

RevenueStory for Chargebee gives you the subscription analytics you need to discover and align your organization to growth.

Focus Boards

Focus Boards

RevenueStory understands you and your business. Whether it’s tracking revenue or churn or getting an overview of all metrics, we have a custom-built dashboard just for you.

Complete Growth Metrics

Complete Growth Metrics

RevenueStory ties your product, customer, and revenue information together to showcase your growth metrics. Use this and drive your strategy to maximize growth.

Un-crunched forever

Un-crunched Forever

Is an unaccounted credit note impacting your quarterly plans? Edit your historical data and watch it reflect real-time in your dashboards. Access un-crunched data, anytime.

using Chargebee?

If you're on any of Chargebee's paid plans, you can directly log in to your Chargebee app and start using RevenueStory

Billing as a source of truth

RevenueStory is the heart of your business analytics

Billing Layer
Billing Layer

Revenue data without product metrics or customer behavior isn’t actionable. Any usage metrics without revenue information abstract the most critical reality.

RevenueStory is built on top of your billing system on Chargebee, so you get to see how your subscriptions, product plans catalog, and revenue impact each other to drive your growth.

What if your churn isn't as low as you want it to be?

You don’t want more data to solve the problem.You want the ability to view your data from a different perspective.

Perspective Probe
RevenueStory lets you view underlying data on any metric you see.

Is your increasing churn a one-time anomaly or is there a larger trend to it? Are your subscribers churning because your product doesn’t match your promise? Or is it because your product isn’t scaling with the customers’ growth? Your subscription analytics platform should enable you to answer these questions.

RevenueStory lets you drill-down to the deepest layer of all the metrics and reports.